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University of Arkansas Bid Day | AXO

The University of Arkansas has always been know for their amazing greek life experience and Bid Day is an amazing experience for sure. Bid Day is one of the most exciting events on the University of Arkansas’ campus. Every year thousands of girls anxiously gather in the Greek Theater to find out where their new home will be.

When the countdown this zero, the girls open their Bid Day cards and rush to find their sorority sisters and head to their new homes on Maple St.

DJ JRED provided the party for Alpha Chi Omega. He was stationed inside in the dining room, but also ran speakers outside on the porch so that he could provide an all around sound for the guests.

Bid Day is meant to be an exciting time that’s full of energy. DJ JRED kept the party going by playing some hit songs like “Hey Look Ma I Made It” by Panic! At the Disco and “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo. We had the best time hanging out with AXO. Visit our Private Party & School Dance page to learn more. To keep up with the latest news, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

NWA DJ set up for private school party in Fayetteville
School Girls dance outside while the best DJ in Fayetteville plays music